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Wired Earphones

Wired Earphones

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1. Audio Quality Upgraded: Bringing a leapfrog upgrade in audio quality. The magnetic gap generally refers to the distance between the voice coil and the magnet. The smaller the distance, the higher the conversion efficiency and the smaller the distortion.
2. Good Low Frequency Performance: High precision four layer voice coil, fully displaying low frequency performance. To improve the low frequency performance of DQS wired earphones, we have adopted the copper clad aluminum voice coil commonly used in professional speakers and earphones, greatly improving the low and high frequency performance. Compared to traditional copper voice coils, they have excellent electrical conductivity and lightweight characteristics.
3. High Fidelity Experience: Professional tuning brings a true high Fidelity experience. Each frequency band has been carefully adjusted to ensure smooth connection of high, medium, and low frequencies. Balanced tuning easily adapts to different music styles.
4. Comfortable Wearing: The KZ DQS earphones are designed with a semi open earshell, making them comfortable to wear. The DQS surface cover adopts a semi open exhaust design, effectively suppressing the reflection of sound waves in the cavity, making the bass dive better and more powerful.
5. Reduction of Signal Transmission Loss: The KZ DQS earphone uses high-purity oxygen-free copper wire, which has excellent conductivity and greatly reduces loss in signal transmission.


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