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1-50PCS Luminous lure

1-50PCS Luminous lure

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1.Lasers Precision: This squid fishing lure features lasers-guided accuracy, ensuring precise targeting of squid and cuttlefish for successful fishing experiences.
2.Realistic Design: The lifelike design of these luminous squid hooks mimics the appearance and movement of real shrimp, attracting the attention of squid and enhancing your chances of a catch.
3.Durable: Made from high-quality ABS material, these seawater fishing baits are built to withstand tough fishing conditions in deep sea or coastal environments. They offer long-lasting durability for frequent use.
4.Enhanced Hooking Power: The glowing prawn hook shape and sharpness provide optimal strength and penetration, allowing for effective hooking and preventing escape once squid or cuttlefish is caught.
5.Versatile: Whether you're a professional angler or a leisure fisherman, these octopus fishing baits are essential tools for diversifying your fishing experience. They increase your chances of catching abundant fish while providing an enjoyable fishing adventure.


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