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Waterproof Polyester Climbing Rucksack

Waterproof Polyester Climbing Rucksack

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1. Elastic rope design: It can fix the helmet and bind the backpack. The front is equipped with a helmet fixed storage mesh bag, which can hold items such as helmets, face towels, etc., making it practical and portable.
2. Breathable mesh fabric: The back is breathable mesh fabric, which has no stuffy heat during exercise and is dry and comfortable.
3. Durable: High density portable webbing, sturdy and durable, with a sturdy buckle on the shoulder strap for easy adjustment of length.
4. Convenient to use: Fixed chest restraint buckle, easy to carry, belt buckle, convenient and practical, sturdy pull head, and smooth pulling and closing.
5. Multipurpose: The side mesh bag can hold a water bottle, and the backpack has multiple layers of storage items in the main inner layer. There is also a dedicated water bag placement layer, and the two layers of tail wings below the bag also use a storage bag design, which can hold small items such as keys.


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